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Community Manager

Quick start guide for Managers

Crownpeak DQM is designed to support you by providing a global view of quality and compliance across your entire web presence. It helps you to track and benchmark performance, providing the metrics you need to optimize your quality management processes.

The Group Performance section contains a range of reports and analytics which provide a unique and customizable view of your global website compliance.

Useful starting guides

These short guides will give you an overview of Crownpeak DQM and help you to get started quickly.

  1. Group Performance: Group Overview
  2. Group Performance: Issues per Checkpoint
  3. Group Performance: Accessibility
  4. Benchmarking Scores

Admin Tasks

You may also want to perform administrative tasks such as setting up users and groups, as well as making adjustments to your checkpoints. If so, take a look at these articles:

  1. User Management
  2. Checkpoint Management
  3. Group Management
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