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Requesting a new dashboard

Dashboards are currently setup by the Crownpeak Support Team. To request a new dashboard, create a new support ticket. An administrator will have to approve this for contractual reasons.

What information is required to set up a new dashboard?

In order to set up a new dashboard we would need to be provided with the starting URL of the website to scan (usually the homepage URL), or an online XML sitemap.

Starting URL
Crownpeak DQM can scan websites in a similar way to search engine crawlers. Once provided with a starting URL we scan the page, and then follow all links on that page that start with the same domain pattern and move on to these succeeding pages until all pages that starts with the same domain pattern are scanned.

For example, if the starting URL is the scanner will scan this entire page. After this it will then look at all links and scan pages such as It will continue to do this until it has scanned all pages that follow the pattern*

Online XML sitemap
Crownpeak DQM can also scan websites from an online XML sitemap. Please note that the sitemap should not be a static xml file that is sent to us but rather an online XML sitemap that is available on the website. For example, a dashboard can be set to scan, the scanner will then take each URL in the XML file and scan these pages only.

  • It is possible to have more than one Starting URL or more than one XML sitemap on the same dashboard
  • It is however not possible to have a mix of Starting URLs and XML sitemaps on the same dashboard
  • By default starting URLs will not scan sub-domains or other domains as part of the dashboard, so if any subdomains need to be scanned in the dashboard, specify this in your request ticket to our Support Team
  • If you have standard user access, you may need confirmation from your Administrator before a new dashboard is set up


What other optional information can be provided when setting up a new dashboard?


Other domains and sub-domains to scan on the dashboard
There may be cases where a website hosts images or files on another domain or sub-domain that does not begin with the same starting URL. By default, the scanner will treat this as an external link and not consider these assets as part of the dashboard. If the website is hosting assets on a different domain or sub-domain, this information can be used by DQM to fetch these assets.

Pages not to scan
There may be pages that you would prefer DQM to ignore. A URL (or URL patterns) can be provided so that DQM will not include this data. For example, you can ask the support team to set up the dashboard to ignore pages that have "search.asp" in the URL, or all pages that start*.

Dashboard name
By default, the support team will set up dashboard names based on the format of other available dashboards in your instance. If you would like to specify a specific name for the dashboard, please provide this in the request ticket.

User Credentials
If a website requires login credentials, please provide the support team with the details if you wish DQM to scan pages inside the login section. Should an email address be required, please use
There may be some websites where automated login from our scanner will not be possible, this usually depends on how login is setup (for example, sites protected by a "captcha"). In such cases, our servers may need to be whitelisted in order to access the content.

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