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DXM Getting Started Guide

What is DXM

DXM, or Digital Experience Management, is Crownpeak's enterprise web content management system that empowers you to create and deliver personalized digital experiences that are compliant with privacy regulations, accessibility requirements, and brand standards.

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Overview of this guide

This guide is geared towards new users and contains a quick reference guide and 4 videos to help you get up and running in DXM:

  1. Logging in and configuring the Content view (quick reference guide)
  2. Adding new content (video)
  3. Publishing (video)
  4. Managing live content (video)
  5. Managing images (video)

DXM User Training

If you're interested in virtual DXM User Training, check out the scheduling and sign up here.

Logging in and configuring the Content view

This quick reference guide is for brand new DXM users and explains how to log into DXM and arrange the Content view.


(Download PDF)

Adding new content

This video discusses how to navigate the DXM content view, what an asset is, how to create a new blog post and edit it using the inline view and form view, and save and preview your blog post.

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This video discusses what role workflows play in DXM, how to publish an asset, and understand the workflow drop-down and publishing monitor.

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Managing live content

This video describes how to manage live content in DXM using branching. It also discusses how to revert to a previous version of an asset.

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Managing images

This video describes how to add and manage images in DXM.

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