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I need to create new model with Different properties (like custom objects with properties name, lastname) and retrieve them as a json?

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Hi Avaneesh,

I'm not exactly sure I understand what you're asking. A model is essentially an asset that is a configured with a certain template, workflow and optionally static content. It is intended to be used in the File > New menu to create new assets based off of that model. Would you be able to open a support case with us and we can talk through your requirements? You can submit a case here https://support.crownpeak.com




Edward Chan
Sr Product Consultant

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Hi @EdwardChan 

Thanks for the quick reply and sorry if the question was not having the details required. I will try best to provide all the info below

We are migrating the CMS from Acoustic to crownPeak. Now in Acoustic we are having content Types that are basically objects with some properties. Eg. There is a content Type Link with properties linkDisplayText and linkURL. There will be 100 of such content For this contentType. The consumer will need this data in json format.

1. How do we acheive this in CrownPeak? Can we create a Model for this link Type and then create content for this Model? Can you share the steps to do the same

2. If there any migration kit or tool that CP provides for such CMS migration projects or the best practices?

3. Any documentation or vedio you can share for creating these custom model

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