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DXM Release Notes - 17 November 2021

17 November, 2021

This release contains incremental updates to the CMS, a performance improvement for general searches using the search filter, an upgrade for the UI framework, and an enhancement in Form View for wrapped images.

Asset Search Performance Improvement

We have introduced an improvement to the filtered general search query for better speed and performance while searching assets. This update does not change the behavior of the filtered search and maintains the same user experience.

Wrapped Image Thumbnails in Form View

We also added support to display thumbnails for wrapped image assets in Form View. Now, a user should see the thumbnails for images after adding or updating them in Form View for a better user experience while building content. Wrapped images are a type of asset that allows users to add custom metadata to images.

Angular 11 and primeNg Upgrade

In the continuous effort to improve DXM infrastructure, we have upgraded the DXM UI framework from Angular 10 to Angular 11 and upgraded to the latest version of primeNg. This upgrade brings smaller bundle sizes for better performance, more stability, visual updates, and increased consistency to the look and feel across the application. The DXM dev teams will benefit from this upgrade by using some advanced features like Automatic Font Inlining, Component Test Harness, and Upgraded Reporting & Logging for better web development.

DXM Improvements

  • Form View Controls Type to Select: Fixed the issue where typing no longer selected the first matching option in Dropdowns and Select Lists. (00143858)
  • Publishing Refresh Context Menu List: Fixed the issue where the context menu flyout for Publishing Refresh options was not scrollable. (00151934, 00140687)
  • Hide Basic Tab: Removed the granularity to set Disable Basic Tab permissions at asset level. Any group with the permission enabled will hide the basic tab for all users who are a member of the group. For more information, see the Hide Basic tab in the Components panel article (00147646)
  • Select List Manual Sort: Fixed the issue where the sort order for manually sorted Select Lists were was being changed when adding a new option. (00147792)

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I have found in search I am no longer able to search for components. Previously, I was able to search a component class name and it would return assets that use it via it's content value, this no longer seems to be the case

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