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DXM Release Notes - 22 September 2021

Build 32572, September 22nd, 2021

This release contains several incremental updates to various areas in the CMS. 

API Documentation

This release includes a documentation update for the Access API and CMS Template API. In the Access API, “AssetRouteRequest” now includes the “publishingDependencies” property which specifies whether dependencies of the asset should be published if the asset is published.  


In the CMS Template API, some methods now include the “alwaysSend” property which will always send the value of the field regardless of whether its state has changed.  


New Publishing Toggle Button

This release also includes a new toggle for customers to switch between Classic and New Publishing. This toggle can only be accessed by Sys Admins but allows customers the flexibility to switch between publishing versions on demand. 



DXM Improvements

  • Set Model Permissions: Fixed the issue where model permissions could not be set from the Access Panel. (00145300) 
  • Post Input: Fixed the issue where Component Library didn’t iterate through nested panels during post input processing so only the first panel of any panel list were being processed correctly. (00144440) 
  • Properties Panel: Fixed the issue where long labels would overlap with the back button on the Properties panel making the button unclickable. (00138513) 
  • System Audit Reports User Dropdown: Fixed the issue where some users where not listed in the user dropdown under Reports > Audit > System (00095563) 
  • Publishing Recompile Issue: Fixed the issue where publishing would stop working until templates were manually recompiled. (00111612) 

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