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DXM Release Notes - 26 January 2022

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26 January, 2022

This release introduces improved project branching, asset search improvements, and other incremental improvements to the DXM platform.

Project Branching

As projects and component libraries grow and become more complex, a reliable and performant branching solution becomes ever more important. With our new branching process, large branches that would fail before now complete successfully. Progress for user initiated branching jobs is displayed in the Activity Monitor. (00148894 , 00141511 , 00123098)

Asset Search Improvements

In the last release, we introduced a faster and more accurate way to search for assets. This release adds more ways to find assets. Results now return exact and partial matches. By surrounding the search term in quotes, results are limited to exact matches only. Users can also target specific asset fields by using the search key fields “id:”, “label:”, “template:”, “ templateId :”, and “ branchId :”. (00152397, 00152204, 00151569, 00152398)

DXM Improvements

  • Asset Names with Quotes or Special Characters: Fixed an issue that prevented users from creating, renaming, or deleting assets and folders that have quotes or special characters in the name. (00154508, 00148897, 00145082)  
  • Least Active Users Report: Users listed in the Least Active Users report now only appear once with the total number of actions shown in the “Number of Actions” column. (00148605)  
  • Compare Branches Scrollbar: Fixed an issue that prevented scrolling in the Compare Branches report. (00152348)  
  • Content Preview States: Fixed an issue where assets with workflow statuses selected in the Content Preview States preferences were not loaded during preview.   
  • Infinite Scroll: Fixed an issue that prevented asset statuses from updating automatically.   
  • Infinite Scroll: Fixed an issue that caused flickering the Panel UI.  


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