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August 2020 Customer Survey Results

It’s time to share the results from our August 2020 Customer Survey. Thanks to everyone who provided feedback and suggested improvements – your feedback does not go unnoticed!

Based on our last customer survey, you helped us improve product features, account management, and communications.

While we are proud of the progress made in the first half of this year, there are always opportunities for improvement as our recent survey showed. Our Product, Design, and Development teams have been hard at work at reviewing, addressing, and resolving your areas of concern to create the best experience possible.

We’ve provided a detailed summary of the key themes from the survey pertaining to DQM and what to expect from Crownpeak as a result of these insights below.

Our DQM customers shared feedback around understanding the configuration and results of the DQM checkpoints, updates regarding the latest trends in Digital Quality and the DQM user interface. What the team is working on:


JavaScript Scanning:

  • We are very pleased to have released the JavaScript Scanner this June. With its release, we have already seen the value of the solution in addressing quality concerns for JavaScript based websites.


CMS Connectors:

  • We are very pleased to have now released the Sitecore connector, along with the AEM connector both connectors now support the generally used versions on both CMS solutions.
  • Apart from this, we are also working on updating our own DXM connector to further improve the combined experience of both of our solutions.


Understanding DQM Checkpoints:

  • We have updated the Crownpeak Community documentation on each DQM checkpoint such as “All pages should contain headings” to ensure there are sufficient details on what each checkpoint does, why they are important, and recommendations on how to resolve them.
  • We are also in the process of integrating more information about our checkpoints within the DQM platform.


Learning about the latest digital quality trends:

  • We have started to review and add articles such as Core Web Vitals in the Checkpoint and Standards section of the Crownpeak Community.
  • We are in the process of restructuring the DQM community section that includes a section on news about the latest digital quality trends and changes within our checkpoints. Users will be able to subscribe to this section and be alerted to any new articles we post.
  • We are currently monitoring the current progress of WCAG 2.2, how it affects DQM and its potential release date later in the year.
  • Having completed a review of our checkpoint library we are reviewing a select set of checkpoints that are planned to be added to the DQM Checkpoint library.
  • Following trends to provide an immediate solution to web accessibility we have introduced DQM Auto-Fix. Auto-Fix works together with the DQM platform to provide a quality process to address accessibility concerns on websites.


Improving usability through the new DQM user interface:

  • Work on the new DQM UI is already progressing and we are excited to show you the new interface later this year. Please contact your Customer Success Manager should any of you be interested to get early beta access to the new UI.



Thank you again to all who participated in the survey – your continued support and feedback helps us improve our products and services for you. We truly appreciate the opportunity to be a part of your digital ecosystem.

We appreciate your continued participation in this important program and ask that you continue to share valuable feedback about your experience with our solutions, services, and teams! Look for our next customer satisfaction survey in January 2021.

Ravi Kumaraswami


July 2020

Automated Scanning for JavaScript Websites

JavaScript scanning extends DQM coverage by allowing you to find and fix issues on websites built using JavaScript. While JavaScript websites are crawled separately, the user experience within DQM and your current workflow will remain the same. Checkpoints are the same and the information is integrated into existing dashboards. Thank you to our beta customers who helped us complete this new capability! You can find more information and FAQs in this community article

What this means for you: 

Avoid manual checks or quality gaps on any website built using JavaScript. Contact your Customer Success Manager if you’d like to add existing JavaScript websites to your DQM account.

DQM Sitecore Connector

Our Sitecore connector has been updated to support Sitecore 9. You can download the DQM connector for Sitecore and view the installation guide here

April 2020

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Connector

Our Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) connector now supports the latest version of AEM (6.5.2). We have also added proxy support. You can find the integration guide and instructions on the Crownpeak Community.

What this means for you: You can check for errors directly within your CMS. If you’re using AEM behind a proxy, you’ll still be able to use the connector and check pages for errors from directly within your CMS.

Checkpoint and Issue Filtering

We’ve simplified the navigation to improve the user experience and added in checkpoint filters, allowing users to have more control over which issues are displayed.

What this means for you: DQM users can get to the information they need to prioritize issues faster with fewer clicks.


August 2019

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Single sign-on capabilities have been added to DQM.

What this means for you: If supported by your organization, you can now login to DQM using your corporate ID and password. Contact your customer success manager for more information on how to get started.

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