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DQM Checkpoints and Standards

Checkpoints - All pages should contain headings

Heading tags are designed to provide information on the hierarchy of content within a page. Similar to a table of contents, assistive technology users are able to use headings in order to know the main topics a page has and then use the headings to jump to the content they would like to read. Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0) look into this further under guideline 1.3.1 , in this guideline techniques such as G141 (Organizing a page using headings) and H42 (Using h1-h6 to identify headings) detail how headings can be used to assist disabled users viewing a webpage.

Additionally, using headings to provide hierarchy to the contents of a webpage also improves SEO by making it easier for search engines and visual users to see how content is organized and what the contents of the webpage is about.
Affects: Accessibility (WCAG 2.0 Level A, 1.3.1), SEO
Technical Details The checkpoint examines the entire HTML source code of a page and reports an error if it does not find at least one <hn> tag (where n=1 to 6). It does not check that the tag is populated with text.
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