Crownpeak (Retired)

The New DQM User Interface Early Access Program

We are very excited to announce that the Early Access Program for our New DQM User Interface. The new program will give interested users early access to the new pages being developed as soon as they become available.

The program also provides an opportunity to share any feedback and suggestions on how to make the interface work even better for you and your organization.


When will the Early Access Program become available?

The registration for the Early Access Program is now open and access to the new DQM UI will be available starting November 10.

Will the new User Interface have the same pages as the existing UI?

There will be areas of the new UI that will be similar such as what you saw in the demo but expect that the new UI will be different from the existing interface and we will be introducing new pages and features.

Can I still use DQM if I join the Early Access Program?

The new DQM UI will have a different URL so you can use both platforms.

Does the new Early Access Program Support Single Sign On?

SSO is planned to be included in the new UI and is planned to be integrated next year.

Will I need new user rights to access the new DQM UI?

The new DQM UI uses the same user access rights as the current DQM interface. Once you are provided with the new URL you can use your current access to login.

How can I send feedback on the new DQM UI?

The new DQM UI incorporates in-application notifications, survey requests will show up from time to time as you use the interface. Apart from this please do feel free to reach out to your Customer Success Manager for any feedback you may have.

How can you join the Early Access Program?

To join the program, you can reach out to your Customer Success Manager and we can organize access for you and your team.