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Vendor Categories


Another name for companies who perform advertising and tracking functionality.

How to identify the Vendors category

The Crownpeak vendor database maintains lots of vendors’ data and their tag pattern information.

For example, “Google Ads” comes under the “Ad Network” Vendor category.

Vendor Info.PNG

If your site has a Google Ads tag, then by default it would be reported under the 'Ad Network' Vendor category.


How to update Category for a Vendor

1. Log into the Evidon Privacy application (https://privacy.evidon.com)
2. Open the “Manage” section to show the list of notices
3. Select your UCP notice, and go to '4. Disclosure'.


4. Add the Vendor and click on the Category drop-down to choose your updated category.

Note: If the vendor already exists in the list, then you need to delete the Vendor from the list and add it again, with the updated category.

Manually Add Vendors in UCP

Follow https://community.crownpeak.com/t5/Consent-Solutions-Knowledge-Base/Manually-Add-Vendors-in-UCP/ta-p... to understand how to add vendors in your existing UCPs.


Creating categories for your site notices offer the ability to group similar vendors together. This allows a way to customize the categories that are displayed to site users, making it easier to communicate what purpose the vendors are serving on a site and whether consent is required. Customizing categories also allows site owners to create descriptions for each category, allowing for more control of messaging within the Universal Consent Platform.

Vendor Categories vs Categories

Vendor Categories Category
1.'Vendor Categories' is a group of 'vendors'. 1.'Category' is a kind of group of 'Vendor categories'.
2. You cannot add/remove Vendors under the 'Vendor Categories'. 2. You can add/remove 'Vendor categories' in 'Category'.
3. You can update the individual vendor 'Vendor Categories' through UCP  step ''4. Disclosure'. 3. You can create and delete 'Category'. 


Vendor categories4.png

Vendors and Categories

Within the UCP you may want to know where your vendors are and what notices they are on. Additionally, you
may want to recategorize based on your company’s needs. To see and recategorize vendors, navigate to the Vendors tab in the main menu of UCP.

Please follow the 'Vendors and Categories' section in the below article.


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