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Set the color for Micronavigation sections based on portal role?

Need to set the color for Micronavigation sections.

Below is my micro navigation code:


                                <div class="ll" style="padding-bottom: 4px;padding-top: 4px;><a href="#$CMS_VALUE(section.uid.replace(" ", "_"))$"           class="microNavigationLink">$CMS_VALUE(section.label)$<img src="$CMS_REF(media:"lnkarrow")$" class="sprite_lnkarrow linkarrow" border="0"></a></div>


I am logged in as Employee,So i should not see the ExpandableBox in the live page. This is working.All the other links has employee role.

I would like to set the color based on role which is fetched from DB as per the image below.

For example :


        $CMS_IF(targetRef.getMetaFormData ().getForm ().findEditor ("role") != null)$

            $CMS_SET(color,targetRef.getMetaFormData ().get(#global.language, "role").get().getValue ().get ("colour"))$


$-- Code Added For overview_navigation_no_pictures --$


        $CMS_IF(targetRef.getPage().getFormData ().getForm ().findEditor ("pt_role") != null)$

            $CMS_SET(color,targetRef.getPage().getFormData ().get(#global.language, "pt_role").get ().getValue ().get ("colour"))$



How to set it for sections which is added in via MicroNavigation?

How to set the color for my div class style???




It will be helpful if i know to do.

Thank you.

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Hi Siva,

Maybe because of the portal part I'm not able to follow you. Where are you logged in? What do you mean with live page?

Best regards


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Hello Kohlbrecher,

Thank you for your reply. I should have given the information detailed way.Sorry for that.

In a company different employees are there like 'Associate','Manager','Human Resource' and for then Roles are available. Like wise only few of the Micro-navigation sections are visible to the Associate based in Role.Other micro-navigation sections are restricted for Associate So that only manager can view it. As shown in the previous image.Like to set the background-color for each migro-navigation sections <a> tag. Color are available from Database.

Live page is nothing but a web page which the user viewing it.

Thank you.

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Hi Siva!

You just need to extract the string from your database and put it into the style attribute of your <a> tag like so

<a style="background-color: $CMS_VALUE(code to get the colour from your database)$;">

Is that what you were looking for? Or do you need help with the code extracting the correct colour?



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Hi Siva,

was Emre able to help you with his suggestion?



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Time being this issue is on hold .

Thank you.

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