Welcome to the FirstSpirit Feature Discussions. This is the place for creating new Feature Discussion for FirstSpirit or upvoting existing ones. You can also add your thoughts and comment on other user’s discussions.

We review your feature discussions and comments on a regular basis. Your feedback means a lot to us and your votes help prioritize new features and product decisions, so thanks for sharing your ideas here!

Read the best practices.


To generate the most engagement from the product team and your peers:
  • Start with a good title
    This shows up in the Feature Discussions page and should provide a brief summary of the idea and it's goal.
  • What's the goal?
    This is the key. What do you want to be able to do and why?
  • Who is it for?
    Spell out the type of user who will take advantage of the improvement.
  • How would the improvement help you and your team?
    Be sure to describe the value of your idea - What's the benefit? What will it help you accomplish?
In addition, these items can really help complete your idea
  • If you've seen it in another site or platform, describe the experience and what you like about it. Include links or screenshots.
  • Consider including the category or component your idea is about (e.g. personalization, reports, developer experience, image editing) and add screenshots, pictures, drawings or anything you think will help explain it.
And finally, don't forget your community duty - VOTE for the items you like by giving the idea a Kudos.
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Status Definitions

Once an idea is posted, it will move through this lifecycle.

Active -  Active Feature requests are open for discussion and voting.

Already Offered -  This Feature request has been closed because the functionality is already available.

Archived -  Archived Feature request were evaluated but rejected by the team.

Coming Soon -  A Feature request with this status is in implementation and its release is planned for one of the next Patch days.

Delivered - This Feature request was accepted and the requested functionality is delivered to customers.

Duplicate - This Feature request already exists and was therefore closed as a duplicate.

Partially Implemented - The requested functionality was partially implemented. Please take a look at the comments to check out if the rest will be done as well.

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