Director of UX
Director of UX

Experience Optimization powered by Dynamic Yield

Set Up Dynamic Yield

All the resources you need for implementing Dynamic Yield on your website.


Build Campaigns & Experiments

Create personalized experiences for your website with Dynamic Yield’s site personalization campaigns.


Analyze Results

Learn how to interpret experiments and take action based on your reports.


Target Your Visitors

Decide who sees your campaigns, where and when they will run.



Bring personalized product and content recommendations using advanced algorithms and a deep understanding of user behav...



Send triggered emails based on user behavior and personalize your email campaigns with dynamic content and recommenda...


Experience APIs

Leverage Dynamic Yield server-side APIs to personalize and optimize experiences across your technology stack.



Implement Dynamic Yield on your app and create personalized experiences for your mobile users.



Integrate Dynamic Yield with your analytics platforms, your ESP or your CDP.


Developer Docs

Advanced API functions, data uploads, security and performance


Account Settings

Change your email and password, manage users and sites.


Updates and Courses

Get information about the latest features, dig deeper with courses on the Academy, or check out one of our webinars.


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