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Asset Upload in CDC




This video is on using desktop connection to upload assets.

The first step in the process will be to select a location this will usually be a folder.


In the directory here I’ve chosen a folder called images. The next step will be to set up the model. This is a critical step in the upload process.

It must be a model that enables your users to create digital assets, the best option is to choose System> Models> Basis> Asset> Asset.


Finally, you'll select the files. There are three options: selecting desktop files, choosing a folder, or choosing a zip file.


When selecting desktop files you can choose a single file or multiple files.

Once your files are uploaded you’re able to view them inside of the CMS. The next option is to choose a folder, when you choose a folder the CDC will upload the entire contents into the CMS.

When you look in the CMS you will see the file folder created along with files within.


The last option is to choose a zip file, when you select a zip file the CDC uploads the zip and expands to expose all the files and folders.

When you take a look at the CMS you’ll see the contents from within the zip file.


I hope this video has helped explain asset upload and Crownpeak Desktop Connection.


Thanks for your time and attention.


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