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New to Crownpeak DXM Development?

It can be intimidating when starting out as a new developer on a new platform. Crownpeak does provide developer training in both on-site and on-web formats. Please contact Crownpeak to get information on when the next scheduled training is set for; or if you want to talk to us about setting up a training course just for your organization.

In the meantime, here are the must-read articles to get you started with understanding the platform and how to work on a DXM implementation:

DXM Architecture Overview – this is absolutely essential knowledge. Once you understand the architecture of DXM you should be able to answer the most common question we get: "Can I use framework X or technology Y with Crownpeak?" (Spoiler: in most cases, the answer is yes because DXM doesn't dictate or assume anything about your implementation)

DXM Implementation Process – now that you know that DXM doesn't impose any technology or framework on you, how do you go about an implementation? This article covers the implementation process and highlights where DXM implementation work should be brought into your overall delivery plan.

Now that you know what and when, it is time to look at how. There are two approaches to DXM implementations we recommend:

Take a look at those articles and then decide on which approach is best for your implementation.

Once you have the basic's under your belt, it is highly recommended that you look at extending your knowledge by looking at:

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