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Crownpeak Employee

DXM Release Notes -  12 July 2023

Version 3.77

This release contains significant updates to Form Selector and our Smart Search integration as well as improvements to Workflow management.


  • Completion of Smart Search Integration Enhancements – seamless migration option from Search G2. This option allows users of Search G2 the ability to easily migrate to our Smart Search offering while keeping existing SearchG2 templates. Note: Smart Search is an additional site search offering from Crownpeak. Please contact your Customer Success Manager or Technical Account Manager for more information.
  • Block ability to modify workflow if assets have workflow applied -making changes to existing workflows that have associated assets can cause major issues. We have removed the ability to modify these workflows unless the associated assets have been removed. However, we still recommend cloning workflows as best practice. See fig 1 below

Fig 1

edit workflow.png

Bug fixes

  • Password Reset Option throws error – Corrected an issue where the password reset was not working correctly. Case: 120679,120746
  •  All - Site Root Branched Project Being Ignored – fixed an issue where site root project branch choices are being ignored across all site roots.
  • Add profiling to TMF services classes – Additional template profiling has been added to help identify ways of optimizing performance of TMF
  • Bug with publishing content not showing – we have added the ability to enable detailed logging to help demonstrate FTP file transfers have been successful. This will be used on a customer by customer basis. Case: 83622
  • Expanded file view with Infinite Scroll makes the Path column less useful – we have corrected some issues with the path column of the file asset view was not displaying correctly in different resolutions.
  • DX: Remove Twitter integration – Twitter integration has now been removed
  • Post Save Performance Issues – Corrected an issue where TMF was causing the creation of two assets in versions in history on upon save. Case: 84106
  • Issue with WYSIWYG – Corrected an unusual issue where, when multiple wysiwyg panels are displayed, a change to one may appear in another. Case: 81602

Questions about this release?

If you have any questions about this release, ask in the comments below and someone from Crownpeak will respond.

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