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DXM Release Notes - 9 August 2023

DXM Release Notes - 9 August 2023 

Version 3.78

This release includes a number of exciting improvements as well as many tickets including long standing Form Selector issues.

CDC Support for Visual Studio 2022

The Crownpeak Desktop Connection Tool now supports Visual Studio 2022.

Fig 1


New Home Tab with Recently Opened Assets and Bookmarked Assets - Find the recently used and bookmarked assets in one convenient location.

Recently Opened Assets

Recently Opened Assets in the Home tab with show the user any asset that they have recently opened. See Fig 2 below.

Fig 2


Bookmarked assets

A user can bookmark any asset by right-clicking on the asset or folder and selecting the bookmark option -


or selecting Bookmark in the top right of the Asset’s tab -


All bookmarked assets can be viewed in the Bookmarked Assets area in the new Home tab. Clicking on a bookmarked asset will open that asset in a new tab. See Fig 3

Fig 3


Breadcrumbs in Asset Tab 

You can now view an asset’s full path in the asset’s tab as well as that asset’s workflow status. This helps users distinguish between two assets with the same name in different folders.

Fig 4


Bug fixes

  • Drag and Drop Preview Issue after 6/14 CP update – fixed an issue where when using preview or inline mode, the drag and drop zones are not aligned correctly.  Case: 119936
  • Error on Branching – Corrected an issue which occurred when attempting to branch a project customer with EnableTransactionalBranching enabled ends up with the branch not completing and disappearing.
  • Deleted field being recreated on save – Fixed an issue where a recently deleted field was being recreated. Case: 83100, 120354
  • Drag and Drop Preview Issue after 6/14 CP update - Corrected an issue where preview was not working correctly. Case: 119936
  • Publishing issues – Corrected an issue causing large amounts of error messages.
  • Duplicate assets in File List view – Corrected an issue where duplicate assets in the file list view that are not branches of each other. Case: 119290
  • Remove Bitly integration – we have removed the Bitly integration in DXM
  • WYSIWYG button restrictions rendered ineffective by Format menu – corrected an issue where the Format menu would continue to show restricted items.

Form Selector

With this release we have fixed the following Form Selector issues:

  • Drag & Drop w/ ShowFormSelector not updating index - Case: 85190
  • ShowFormSelector Panel Move Content Loss - Case 79317, 80215
  • Issue with ShowFormSelector Changing Other value - 71372

Questions about this release?

If you have any questions about this release, ask in the comments below and someone from Crownpeak will respond.

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