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Crownpeak Employee

DXM Release Notes - 14 June 2023

Version 3.76


DXM Improvements

This release contains 45 tickets including many tickets around MySQL migration fatal errors as well as significant updates to Drag and Drop.

  • Links publishing with inline edit code – fixed an issue where links were not publishing correctly. Case: 84767
  • Value not getting passed to post_input.aspx / context.InputForm() – Corrected an issue where values were not being passed correctly to post_input.aspx. Case: 81991
  • Fatal Error received after 3.73 release – corrected an error in MySQL leading to fatal error warning.
  • Content Loss on Save – corrected an issue where content was being lost on save when using form selector. Case: 80701
  • Plain Text in Input Form – Added ability to add plain text to a form for providing instructions. Case: 81360
  • Corrupted Content Editing Drag and Drop – Corrected an issue where drag and drop assets would become corrupted. Case: 80400
  • Unable to Create Component Library Project -Corrected an issue where users could not create a new component library project. Case: 79549
  • Issue with Route Publishing – Corrected an issue where route to a publishing state would fail on occasion. Case:79461
  • Error loading input – Fixed an issue where users would receive a fatal error when editing an asset. Case: 78642.
  • MYSQL Issues – Corrected an issue where users were seeing a fatal error warning when opening an asset. Case: 74336,75291
  • Intermittent Mysql errors when publishing – Corrected an issue with Fatal Error warning. Case:73722)
  • Fatal error encountered during command execution - Corrected an issue with Fatal Error warning in input form. Case: 73831, 76002, 76742





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