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DXM Release Notes - 9 July 2020

Build 14568, July 9th2020 


In this release, we are very excited to add a new capability for building dynamic Input Form Templates through the Input Form Selector functionality focused on the re-usability of Input Forms. 

We are also pleased to announce our third JavaScript SDK release with support for Angular, another popular JavaScript framework for building and launching Single Page Applications with Crownpeak DXM. 

Input Form Selector: 

Increased Performance: 


The Input Form Selector introduces a new approach for building dynamic input templates with greater efficiency and increased performance.    This is accomplished by loading the input experience at run-time and only storing and managing the relevant data fields.    

The Input Form Selector control is designed as an advancement from the existing Dropdown Container control. An issue we discovered with the Dropdown Container approach is that the performance degrades as the number of input controls increases, as all input fields are stored regardless of usage. Form Selector was introduced to specifically address this issue by deferring the loading and saving of those controls to when users want them, on-demand.  


Re-use Input Form Selector Templates by CMS Path or ID: 


The Input Form Selector capability was introduced in early 2020 with the ability to dynamically load different input form experiences that are defined in separate Input Form Templates.   These templates were required to be defined in the corresponding template folder, along with the primary Input and Output template files. However, based on customer feedback, we heard that customers would like an alternative to requiring template files to be defined repeatedly for different templates.    

In this release, we introduce the ability to re-use Input Form Selector templates by simply referencing them by CMS Path or ID, in addition to referencing local files in the corresponding template folder. Developers will have the ability of mixing and matching as required. These Input Form Templates can be reused any number of times in any number of Input Templates. 

Use the following link to learn about how to use the Input Form Selector: Input Form Selector  

Angular SDK Update: 


Following the release of our React and Vue.JS SDK for Crownpeak DXM, we’re excited to announce the immediate availability of our Angular SDK, which has been constructed to assist the Single Page App developer in developing client-side applications that leverage DXM for content management purposes. 

Designed to remove the complexity of working with Crownpeak DXM, the SDKs have two core functions: 

  • Firstly, they handle communication for both dynamic content (using DXM's Dynamic Content API) as well as static content (payloads published by DXM - i.e., JSON, XML, CSV files) - allowing developers to choose when it's appropriate to collect their content dynamically via the API, or statically from the file-system where there's no need for an API interaction; and 
  • Secondly, they iterate through your SPA from top-to-bottom, automatically creating all of the DXM configurations that are needed to support an immersive content authoring experience (i.e., inline editing, drag and drop, etc. - we call this "scaffolding"). What's more, as you continue to develop the platform, you can "scaffold" again-and-again to add to the existing configuration, without affecting the content itself. 

DXM has always been able to support Headless 2.0. However, with the use of the SDKs, the majority of configuration work within DXM can be replaced by the "scaffolding" process, significantly reducing time-to-value. 

How can I get started? 


DXM Improvements 

  • Resolved the issue where Component Library does not prefix-list panels correctly. (OCD- 18848)  
  • Resolved the issue where Localization settings didn’t work, and the user was not able to set the preferred language for CMS. (OCD- 18093)  
  • Resolved the refresh issue when changes/updates to Filename or status fail to update. (OCD- 18526)  









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