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DXM Release Notes - 23 July 2020

Build 15158, July 23rd 2020


This release contains several incremental updates to various areas in the CMS including the Infinite Scroll panel.  


DXM Improvements 


  • Infinite Scroll: Resolved the issue when the In-Context menu fails to come up while selecting blank space in Infinite Scroll. (OCD- 18778)  
  • Infinite scroll: Resolved the issue where branch visual indicator is not displaying for branched projects(OCD- 19126)  
  • Infinite scroll: Resolved the issue when the total number of the retrieved result in the Infinite Scroll panel shows more than the existing assets in the root folder(OCD- 18329)  
  • Infinite Scroll: Resolved the issue where the Infinite Scroll panel becomes glitchy/jittery when scrolling while having an asset form open. (OCD- 18934)  
  • Resolved the issue when the CMS is timing out on a branch when a template has a copy.aspx file which updates content and the asset.BranchId is returning an asset's id within copy.aspx rather than the branch id (OCD- 19830)  
  • Resolved the issue where Search functionality in the Connectors section of Settings is not working (OCD- 19831)  




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