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Crownpeak Employee

DXM Release Notes - 6 Sept 2023

Version 3.79

This release includes a number of exciting UI improvements as well as many performance related  tickets.

Clear Publishing Queue - we have now added the ability to clear the publishing queue. This can be found in the Session Performance Report. Note, this is limited to certain permission levels.








Working links in Breadcrumbs - we have now added working links within the breadcrumbs' path which will take users to the named folder or file when clicked.





WYSIWYG Links Don't Have An Option For AddDomain – Uses now have the ability for a domain to be added to links within the WYSIWYG. We have added a new flag,  EnableAutoAddDomain, which must be enabled to activate the feature. With EnableAutoAddDomain = 1, if the domain of the asset being linked to is different to that of the asset which contains the link, then the domain (and protocol and port) of the linked asset will be automatically prepended to the link. 

Bug fixes

  • Slow publishing – Corrected an issue leading to slow publishing in some cases. Case: 123403
  • Publishing URL issue w/ New Publishing – Corrected an issue where when new publishing was enabled the url under publishing properties used the filename generated rather than what the url.aspx code specified. Case: 123180
  • Post Save Performance Issues - Continued improvement of performance when using TMF. Case: 84106        
  • UI - Drag and Drop Error Editing – Corrected an issue where drag and drop templates using Input.ShowDragDrop("Body", "body"); would fail. Case: 121016, 121736
  • Remove Bitly integration – we have now removed support for Bitly
  • Users Can Search And Find Assets They Don't Have Access to – correct an issues where users could access image assets for wysiwyg, despite being blocked. Case: 82862
  • Publishing Queue Size report still inaccurate – made improvements to this report for accuracy.
  • Password validation when using fedauth – corrected an issue where a password was still required at setup and when making changes. Case Number:00145081

Questions about this release?

If you have any questions about this release, ask in the comments below and someone from Crownpeak will respond.

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