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Crownpeak Employee

DXM Release Notes - 4 October 2023

Version 3.80

This release includes a fix for the recent WebP CVE as well as a number of improvements and fixes.

  • Upgrade Magick.NET to 13.3.0 - We have identified a low-risk issue in Chromium based browsers and software solutions that support WebP.  The vulnerability is found in the libwebp library. DXM uses this library minimally, for image thumbnails. With this release we have upgrade to the latest, recently release version of Magic.NET which mitigates this issue.


  • Improved Sync Button - we have removed the old sync to file view button in drop down and replaced it with a more direct button to allow for more obvious and easier sync of file view.
    new sync button.JPG


  • Addition of the branch icon to the breadcrumbs navigation bar - we have now added the branch icon to the breadcrumbs bar to provide additional clarity of asset selected.

    branching icon.JPG

Bug fixes

  • Home Tab randomly disappears – corrected an issue where the home tab would disappear in certain scenarios.
  • Error bookmarking multiple assets that are a mixture of bookmarked and unbookmarked – Corrected an issue where bookmarking or un-marking multiple assets was not working correctly.
  • Clicking on the cog icon from inline view does not open the specific component in form view – Corrected an issue where the cog icon in Inline view would not redirect to the corresponding section in Form View.
  • Wysiwyg - Insert Image - unexpected width and height attributes for <img> tag – corrected an issue where width and height attributes were appearing in the <img> tag.
  • Home Tab/Breadcrumb Bug – corrected an issue where under certain circumstances the previous asset’s breadcrumb would remain displayed.
  • new add/remove bookmark bug with keyboard shortcut – corrected an issue where the keyboard shortcut for adding and removing bookmarks was not working.
  • Transactional Branching makes project branching links – corrected an issue where transactional branching was not branching projects correctly. Case: 124300, 124609, 125776
  • Highlighted asset is shown more than once during infinite scroll if in a large branch - fixed an issue where the same asset was showing more than once in Infinite Scroll. Case:122114
  •  Bug in Merging and Comparing UI - corrected and issue where The "Compare" and "Merge" action in the "Edit" menu do not work when clicked.  Case: 83376
  • Form View Drop Down Width (UI) – fixed an issue where the dropdown width was not wide enough to display all of the text needed. We’ve added the ability to now allow up to 450px. Case: 82195
  • Template and Library Namespaces -The UI and backend have now been modified to allow fields that start with '_' to be set through the Content Properties panel thus allowing this field to be set or modified. Please contact Support to help make this change. Case: 00117563, 00137071. Note that the 'Component Library Namespace' setting in the 'Component Library Config' asset must still be used to set the namespace for any generated components. Case: 79549
  • Version Revert Comments DateTime incorrect – Corrected an issue where the timestamp on reverted comments was displaying correctly.

Questions about this release?

If you have any questions about this release, ask in the comments below and someone from Crownpeak will respond.

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