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DXM Release Notes - 30 Nov 2022

Version 3.70

November 30, 2022

This release includes improvements to asset search, fixes for recent timeout issues, and a number of MySQL related improvements.

DXM Improvements

  • Deep links causes Bad Request – fixed an issue where customer was experiencing a redirect issue. Case: 70879
  • FTP Import – fixed an issue where imports were timing out. Case: 71611, 73398
  • Search Issue – Fixed an issue where certain searches return no results. Case: 00158632
  • Search Results Not returning file – Corrected an issue where certain character combinations return no results. Case: 00158512
  • Issue with multiline input – fixed an issue where max length was being overwritten by height. Case: 00155459
  • Wysiwyg not adding auto P – Fixed an issue where using Wysiwyg from inline mode doesn't include tag in the first row. In addition, reinstated Wyswyg configured is same in form as in inline view.
  • Issue with DragAndDrop – Corrected and issue where component id was being referenced rather than the asset’s id. Case: 69693
  • Search Returning NonAccessible Results – Fixed an issue where not allowed users could view certain search results. Case: 69014
  • Post_Save_Job Issue – Fixed an issue where Post_Save_Job was causing timeout issues. Case: 71611, 73398
  • Bell icon – view more cut off – Fixed an issue where long error messages meant "view more" is cut off and error details can not be seen.
  • Hyperlink adjustment errors – fixed an issue where publishing errors were seen in certain cases. Case: 68672
  • Long running task error – Fixed an issue where Post_Save_Job was causing timeout issues.
  • Publishing to Azure Blob Storage not working correctly for templated files – Corrected an issue with Azure configuration in the CMS.
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