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DXM Release Notes - 2 Nov 2022

Version 3.69

November 2, 2022

This release includes fixes for WYSIWYG as well as a number of other bug fixes.

DXM Improvements

  • Deep links causes Redirect Loops: Fixed an issue where customer was experiencing a redirect loop. Case: 70879
  • Display Errors Only checkbox: Fixed an issue where Display Errors Only chec box was not applied when sorting links are pressed. Case: 0012088
  • Inline Editing WYSIWYG Altering Links: Fixed an issue where characters were being prepended to the path. Case: 17731
  • Logging out of Crownpeak does not clear session: Fixed an issue where the session was not clearing properly after logout. Case: 6707
  • Project Branching: Fixed an issue where project branching was not working with transactional branching enabled - Case: 00134276 (SQLServer), 19738, 19530
  • Publishing Queue Size Report is broken: Fixed an issue where the report was not showing the correct values.
  • Template errors report wrong line number: Fixed an error where the wrong line number and code is sometimes reported for errors encountered when executing templates. This fix will help many customers in troubleshooting templates.
  • TMF Not Deleting List Panels on Override: Fixed an issue where Overwrite Existing Translation Asset was not working as designed. Case: 00160275
  • UI - Basic Tab Issue: Fixed an issue in the Group setting where Users Will Not See the Basic Tab was excluding users. Case: 20409
  • Visual Branch Bug: Fixed an issue when an asset has a deleted or hidden branch but the asset continues to show the branch image. Case:70930
  • WYSIWYG Panel Move: Fixed an issue where moving the panel causes content to disappear but on save and reload the content comes back.
  • WYSIWYG Spell Check Failure: Fixed an issue where Spell Check was not working properly in the WYSIWYG. Case: 68143
  • WYSIWYG with Snippet Outputting HTML Text: Fixed an issue where snippet was outputting HTML instead of the snippet link. Case: 72554


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