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DXM Release Notes - 25 Jan 2023

    Version 3.71

    January 25, 2023

    This release includes many tickets around Asset Search, Smart Search Integration and MySQL.

    • File List Search Error – Fixed an issue where value cannot be null error appeared under certain circumstances. Case: 75738, 76047
    • Access Permissions – Fixed an issue where bulk changes were not being applied. Case: 75311
    • Unable to cancel publishing session – Fixed an issue where cancel publishing was not working.
    • Remove duplicate data from "Packages Assets" report – Corrected an issue where duplicate data was appearing in the Packages Assets report. The exported report contained many erroneous entries.
    • DXM Searching might not return complex asset names (as expected results) when searching with number – Corrected an issue where the number searches were failing when special characters were included.
    • Form Selector - Select List control is not getting saved on moving all items from right to left in No List Form Selector.
    • Asset view permission issue for browsing through containing folders and onload asset views – Fixed an issue where permissions were not being respected – blocked files’ labels could be seen. “No Results” is now returned.
    • Form Selector - Fields in collapsed panel not being sent to post_input.aspx causing context.ValidationErrorFields to be triggered - Case Number: 00167022, ZD 19031
    • Publishing Queue Size Report has new problem with input date format – Corrected an issue where the date field was not working correctly.
    • Template Rate Limiting: Record throttling times in reports – Added correct throttling times to reports.
    • Warning message in Workflow when inserting a step – Though infrequent, issues have arisen from customers making changes to workflow steps when assets are already assigned. We have added warning messages and a count of how many assets are attached to a particular selected workflow.
    • WCO Beacon Bypass generating CORB error (Re-implementation) – Made additional changes to put the previous fix back in place.
    • ShowSelectDateTime TimeZone - Fixed an issue where the selected time zone preference was not being reflected in the Input UI, Case: 72788
    • Project Branching Doesn't work with Transactional Branching Enabled – Corrected an issue where Project Branching was not working with Transactional Branching Enabled. 
    • DXM File View search does not find by URL – Fixed an issue where search could not find URLs of published assets.
    • Difference in Search – Corrected an issue where certain searches with * were not returning results. Case: 69737
    • Queue Size report fails for date range All – Fixed an issue where the Queue size report was failing for date range All.
    • Workflow Emails Groups – Fixed an issue where emails were not being sent from within Workflow Email Groups. Case: 00156489, 00160030, ZD 18298
    • Drag and Drop - Placeholder text should not be saved – Corrected an issue where the placeholder text in Drag and Drop components was being saved. Case: 00153707, ZD 18115
    • “Infinity” causing problems – Fixed an issue when using the word “Infinity” in a component text box generates an error - Case: 00146912,74053
    • Component Library list panels markup issue – Corrected a long-standing issue where lists only displayed correctly if a user added two white-space characters between the end of the tag. Case: 20276, 69661
    • Smart Search – Integration for Smart Search is now complete, allowing customers to set up new search collections with Smart Search from the CMS. Please contact your TAM or CSM for more details.
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