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DXM Release Notes - 28 July 2021

Build 28448, July 28th, 2021

Crownpeak is pleased to announce that our new 'Publishing' engine is out of beta and is now generally available. The new engine improves publishing performance, scalability, and supportability. Also, this release includes two additional languages support for CMS UI localization along with several incremental updates to various areas in the CMS.

New Publishing GA

The new publishing engine replaces the "Classic" web service written in VBScript with a self-contained window service built completely on C# to reduce publishing latency. In addition, it comes with the following benefits:

  • New publishing is a multi-threaded approach to publishing, which makes publishing throughput faster. New Publishing now supports publishing assets in parallel via simultaneous threads of execution. In most cases, this will improve publishing performance when a publishing session involves numerous assets. Multi-threaded publishing is only available when classic publishing is disabled and is only invoked for assets based on C# templates. All C# template-based functionality will be fully supported.
  • New Publishing is based on a 64-bit architecture that improves CPU power and reduces a high number of out-of-memory exceptions.
  • New Publishing has better monitoring and logging capabilities for improved management of errors and health metrics.

A CMS user can contact CP Support to switch off the New Publishing if they encounter any publishing issue. This capability of switching on/off on the New Publishing will be available until November 18th, 2021, to collect and address any issues.

By default, 'New publishing' will be turned off on the customer instance. However, the Customer Success representative will inform you if the New Publishing is turned on in your instance as part of the New Publishing roll-out to the entire customer base. Please get in touch with our customer success team if you have any questions.

CMS UI in Spanish and German

To support our global customers, we have added CMS UI support for two more languages, Spanish and German. This update does not impact the localization of any managed content, but rather the language of the UI itself. Picture [2] and Picture [3]



DXM Improvements  

  • Publishing Notification - Fixed the issue where assets created through Model (Generic Content) were displaying an error message. (OCD-22541)
  • Publishing - Fixed the intermittent issue where publishing assets stopped working until library/templates were recompiled manually. (OCD-17222)
  • Out of Memory – Fixed the issue where a user received "not enough storage" or "Out of memory" errors during different CMS activities. (OCD-19518), (OCD-19516), (OCD-21159), (OCD-18990), (OCD-4299), (OCD-5761), (OCD-22805)
  • TMF – Fixed the issue where an existing asset exists in different locales and using the Create Relationship and Overwrite Existing Asset checkbox does not work. (OCD-19610)
  • TMF – Fixed the issue where an existing asset exists without translation and not overwriting the asset despite the "Create Relationship and Overwrite Existing Asset" box being checked. (OCD- 17850)
  • Infinite Scroll – Fixed the issue where search in the Infinite Scroll panel with no results text breaks the panel.  (OCD-23343)
  • Infinite Scroll – Fixed the issue where the panel cannot collapse some folders, and sometimes it collapses but leaves the nested subfolders visible. (OCD-23356)
  • Pen Test: Fixed the platform vulnerability issues. (OCD-23320), (OCD-23321)
  • Branching – Fixed the issue where project branching after project renaming results in error. (OCD- 20404)
  • WYSIWYG: Fixed the issue where the WYSIWYG tools menu is missing until saved and refreshed. (OCD- 22806)
  • Notification Emails: Fixed the issue where a user sees failed email due to the wrong sender email address. (OCD- 23468)

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