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DXM Release Notes - 8 September 2021

Build 31037, September 8th 2021

This release contains several incremental updates to various areas in the CMS and a performance update in the Rendering engine. 

Rendering Performance

This release comes with a noticeable performance improvement in the Rendering service. We project a gain of 20-40% improvement of input form and preview rendering time, depending on the different installations and asset size. In addition, a user can experience a significant improvement in preview rendering for the templates that use the component framework.

DXM Improvements

  • Asset Save: Fixed the issue where an error "Failed to Save" appears while attempting to save an asset. (OCD-23517)
  • Asset Version: Fixed the issue where the system does not allow viewing Version History for any asset originally imported/uploaded as a binary file. Then, the templated is assigned through the properties tab or asset. SetTemplate API. (OCD-23095)
  • TMF: Fixed the issue where editing the content and saving the asset, then switching to the TMF tab to send an asset for translation doesn't work after the initial save. (OCD-21658)
  • TMF: Fixed the issue where TMF does not properly find assets in different locales, making it impossible to create or overwrite localized versions of assets. (OCD-19344)
  • CDC: Fixed the issue where the .cs or .aspx files get saved automatically on opening another file. (OCD-21060)
  • Password Creation: Fixed the issue where a user cannot successfully generate a one-time use password on Save. (OCD-23030)
  • Input Form Selector: Fixed the issue where a Form Selector Component with WCO Controls in DnD asset is causing data loss. (OCD-23677)
  • Infinite Scroll: Fixed the issue where sorting on a single column getting applied two more columns simultaneously. (OCD-23622)
  • Infinite Scroll: Fixed the issue where the scroll view jumps to the top. (OCD-23385)
  • Pen Tests: Fixed the platform vulnerability issues. (OCD-23324), (OCD-23323), (OCD-23319), (OCD-23318)


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