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DXM Release Notes - 28 April 2021

Build 25323, April 28th, 2021

This release includes several updates to the CMS and an essential improvement to the ‘Inline View”. 

System Audit Report

We have changed the filtering behavior for the user column in the Audit Log report. It is now sorted by the First name then the Last name. The information shown in the column remains the same. The Audit Log report is accessed in the UI via Reports > Audit > System.

Image 1Image 1

Prevent Preview refreshes on Save

Saving while editing in inline mode after adding content to assets no longer refreshes the entire interface. This prevents changes from being lost and makes the authoring experience smoother.  


DXM Improvements

  • Infinite Scroll: Fixed the issue where the File tree was not changed to the correct list when a tab was clicked. (OCD-15715) 
  • Publishing: Fixed the issue where users saw intermittent publishing errors along with multiple files generated SFTP errors.” (OCD-22393) 
  • Publishing: Fixed the issue where the ‘Asset.RouteAssets’ method was generating multiple threads for each Asset. (OCD-22643) 
  • Performance: Fixed the issue where clicking between Content, Tagging, People, Topics, MEtadata, TMF, etc. tabs caused them to take a prolonged time to populate. (OCD-22702) 
  • CMS Login: Fixed the issue where users were being kicked out due to inactivity while actively working in the CMS. (OCD-22381) 
  • Edit Content: Fixed the issue where adding a new value to the list drop-down caused the user to receive an error. (OCD-22707) 
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