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DXM Release Notes - 26 May 2021

Build 25834, May 26th, 2021 

Crownpeak is pleased to announce the release of The Gatsby Source Plugin for DXM. The release includes several incremental updates to various areas in the CMS. 

Gatsby Source Plug-in: 

Gatsby Source Plug-in is an extension to the previously-released React SDK for DXM. It lets developers leverage React and Gatsby for continuous integration and deployment. The extension empowers authors to manage content within DXM (including on-the-glass editing and drag and drop presentation reuse) while freeing developers to control component and template development. Changes from either team result in a new build and deployment of the digital experience to many hosting/delivery targets (e.g., AWS, Azure, Google Storage, Netlify, Fastly, Firebase, and Vercel). 



For more information, see the following links: 


Rename “Content Block” Panel: 

 The Content Blocks panel has been renamed as the Components Panel to make its purpose clearer and make it more consistent with other aspects of the UI. It comprises Basic and Advanced components and reusable integrations in the form of components. 




Quicker Transition (Form to Inline): 


We have improved the performance of switching from form view to inline view significantly. It is now almost instant after the first initial load.  Page building often involves complex components that require the form view to complete the authoring and navigate to the Inline view frequently. By reducing the transition time from Form view to Inline view, we now provide more efficient authoring experience 


DXM Improvements   


  • Asset VersionsFixed the issue where the asset status was missing from all versions except the latest version. (OCD-21867) 
  • Infinite Scroll: Fixed the Infinite Scroll issue showing Inconsistent behavior in flagging and unflagging the assets. (OCD-20402) 
  • Infinite Scroll: Fixed the issue where all columns in the panel were not coming displayed correctly. (OCD-22648) 
  • Infinite Scroll: Fixed the issue where the indented assets within a folder were pushed to the right and out of view. (OCD-22648) 
  • New Rendering: Fixed the issue where live assets were pulling in stage content. (OCD-22565) 
  • New Rendering: Fixed the issue where Font files and Images were not loading from CSS files in Preview. (OCD-22334) 
  • CDC: Fixed the issue where CDC standalone download failed through Crownpeak’s website. (OCD-22640) 
  • CDC: Fixed the issue where the time allowed for CMS login was very short via Fed Authentication(OCD-22481) 



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