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September 22nd, 2021

In the September session, Shikha Gupta, Director of Product Management, presented building templates using the Drag and Drop feature. She also showed a teaser for upcoming enhancements for Drag and Drop and Inline editing, to provide flexibility for content authors and developers.

Here are the highlights of the session:

  • Drag and Drop
  • Nested Component Feature (Upcoming)
  • Inline Editing Feature (Upcoming)

August 25th, 2021

In the August session, Lakwi Perera from the PS team joined to talk about TMF (Translation Model Framework) and how users can leverage the framework in conjunction with any translation vendor to localize content in any language.

Here are the highlights of the session:

  • TMF (Translation Modal Framework)
  • Webscale (Delivery Service)
  • Upcoming Release

July 28th, 2021

In the July session, Ari Weissman, Sr. Director of UX and Community, talked about the revamped Crownpeak community and how a user can easily submit an idea, check support cases, etc.

Here are the highlights of the session:

  • Benefits of the Crownpeak Community
  • Roadmap (H2 Initiatives)
  • Upcoming Release

May 26th, 2021

In the May 26th session, we brought back Paul Taylor as a panelist to talk about the Gatsby Source Plug-in, an extension of previously released SDK-React.

Here are the highlights of the session:

  • Resources in the CP Community
  • Gatsby Source Plug-in
  • Upcoming and future DXM releases

May 5th, 2021

In the May installment (Initially scheduled in April) of DXM Product Office Hours, the Crownpeak team shared insights on best practices for effective template building.

Here are the highlights:

  • The different approaches for building templates (structured, dynamic, drag and drop, open-ended, developer)
  • Use cases for choosing a template approach
  • Component Library best practices
  • Drag and drop best practices



March 24th, 2021

Recently, we had our first DXM product office hour event open to customers and partners. Given the success of the format, we are going to continue to provide office hours monthly.

Here are the highlights from the session.

  • Current DXM initiatives – VP of Product, Fahd Shaaban, shared the recent initiatives the DXM team is working on; Drag and Drop/Inline Enhancements, Infrastructure upgrades, New Publishing, App Marketplace, and Content Hub.
  • Headless 2.0 solution – VP of Solution Engineering, Paul Taylor, talked about the Headless 2.0 solution for implementing rich headless web applications into Crownpeak DXM in three flavors:  React, Vue.JS, and Angular.
  • DXM upcoming release (March 31st) – The product team planned to release several incremental upgrades to various areas in the CMS and a significant upgrade in the Content Block Panel by adding images of the component to simplify component selection during the authoring process.





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