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DXM Release Notes - 23 March 2022

23 March 2022

This release includes improvements for Form Selector controls, New Publishing, DAM Edit Metadata Panel, and other incremental updates to the CMS.

DXM Improvements

  • Crownpeak Desktop Connection (CDC): CDC has been updated to work with future release work. Following the release, CDC users should update to the latest CDC version,, by performing the following steps in Visual Studio:
    1. From the "Extensions" menu, choose "Manage Extensions".
    2. Under the "Installed" section, find "Crownpeak Desktop Connection" and click on the "Uninstall" button.
    3. Exit Visual Studio.
    4. In the VSIX Installer window that opens, click "Modify" and then, after the process completes, click "Close".
    5. Reopen Visual Studio and navigate back to the "Manage Extensions" window.
    6. Search for "Crownpeak" and download the "Crownpeak Desktop Connection" plugin.
    7. Exit Visual Studio.
    8. In the VSIX Installer window that opens, click "Modify" and then, after the process completes, click "Close".
    9. The plugin will be available under the "Tools" menu the next time you open Visual Studio.
  • Form View Tab Mismatch: Fixed a race condition that could cause the wrong data to be displayed in Form View when rapidly switching asset tabs. (00152680, 00149050)
  • Unable to Close WYSIWYG Source Code Modal: Fixed an issue that prevented users from closing the WYSIWYG Source Code modal. (00152160)
  • Form Selector Acquire Document Control: Fixed an issue that would clear the value of Acquire Document controls when in a list loaded from a Form Selector control. (00134945)
  • Form Selector List Panel Issues: Fixed an issue where list panel values were retained after being moved or deleted when loaded from Form Selector controls. (00151291, 00148398, 00152599, 00153302, 00148184, 00148536)
  • Form Selector Controls Not Saving in Inline View: Fixed an issue that prevented changes made in Inline View from being saved when the controls were loaded by a Form Selector control. (OCD-24390)
  • New Publishing Timeout Error: Fixed an issue that caused publishing to timeout when New Publishing is enabled. (00155294, 00154405)
  • Project Branch Comparison Shows Files With No Changes: The branch comparison list no longer includes assets with whitespace-only changes. This functionality must be enabled in the CMS configuration. (00091525)
  • Publishing Monitor Not Showing Errors: Added an error notification and details for when an asset is published successfully to some, but not all, servers to Publishing Monitor. This functionality must be enabled in the CMS configuration. (OCD-23354)
  • DAM Edit Metadata Panel: Fixed an issue that prevented the DAM Edit Metadata panel from opening for some assets. (OCD-25057)
  • Security Updates: Fixed vulnerability issues to help prevent cross-site scripting, server-side request forgery, and arbitrary code execution. (OCD-25370, OCD-25365, OCD-25340) 

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