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DXM Release Notes - 26 February 2020

Build 9815, 26 February 2020


Search G2 Update

Crownpeak's Search G2 platform is a highly-scalable, high-performance, enterprise-grade indexing & query platform, based upon the Apache Lucene Software Library & Apache SolrCloud. Search G2 allows you to query its content using HTTP GET requests, which can be performed from anywhere in the world. We also provide a JavaScript API to make this process as easy as possible, which uses a JSONP call to avoid cross-domain constraints.

This release includes two highly requested improvements to Search G2

CORS Header

In order to improve the usefulness of Crownpeak Search G2 as a content source, we have added a CORS header - specifically "Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *" - to all responses. This means that it is no longer necessary to use a server-side proxy, or a mitigation mechanism such as JSONP, in order to query your collections using JavaScript.

Random Sorting

We have also enhanced the Search G2 schema to allow for results to be ordered randomly. This can be useful if, for example, you want to show a set of results in a sidebar that are related to an item. To achieve this, simply append "&sort=random_desc" where n is any number with 1 or more digits.

Note that multiple calls with the same seed number will return results in the same order, so that you are also able to paginate through results if required.

You can learn more about Crownpeak's Search G2 product at https://www.crownpeak.com/products/digital-experience-management/search-g2, with further technical details at https://github.com/crownpeak/search-g2. 


DXM Improvements

  1. Workflow steps are present when editing a workflow. (OCD-18101)
  2. Notifications within Monitor UI are displayed in an organized manner. (OCD-18088)
  3. Users return to current folder after leaving. (OCD-18032)
  4. Filter drop down is displayed as expected. (OCD-18000)
  5. “Manage Targeting Groups” option is displayed correctly within modal. (OCD-17999)
  6. Re-editing WCO Forms woks as expected. (OCD-14420)
  7. Records with Reports -> Audit -> Publish are updated according to date. (OCD-14314)
  8. Button has been implemented for creating initial workflow step. (OCD-17455)
  9. -1 error is no longer being thrown. (OCD-13796) (CN-88952)
  10.  Issues with loading secondary assets. (OCD-18219)
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