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DXM Release Notes - 04 March 2020

Build 10129, 04 March 2020


DXM Dependencies

In this release, we introduce the capability to remove or clear dependencies on a selected asset.

Crownpeak DXM relies on relationships it creates between assets to maintain the integrity of the overall digital experience and to facilitate any automation tasks such as automatic publishing of related (impacted) assets.   

These relationships, or “dependencies” are created automatically by the CMS whenever one asset links to another, or when one is loaded in the context of another, such as an image or a widget.  Dependencies can also be created programmatically to link, otherwise, unrelated assets together to automate co-publishing when needed.

Dependencies are very powerful and serve an important role in ensuring the highest quality of your digital experience, such as prevention of broken links.   However, there are times when dependencies are to be avoided to prevent unnecessary or undesired publishing of linked assets.    Take for example a sitemap that, by definition, links to various pages and sections within your site, which would normally generate dependencies to all of these pages.   This can have the undesired effect of auto publishing all of the linked assets anytime the sitemap gets published.   In this case, it is generally advised to disable the generation of dependencies within sitemaps, or similar experiences, which is accomplished programmatically using the Crownpeak Template API

There are also instances when dependencies are created but not removed properly, especially if they’re created programmatically within the templates, in which case clearing these dependencies becomes an important action to take.

We’re pleased to announce that we are introducing this capability in this release which allows you to easily remove/clear any dependencies on an asset.


Use the following steps to clear dependencies on a selected asset

  • Launch the [Properties] panel if it’s not already open.  This can be accomplished in two ways either by
    1. Selecting [Properties] from the [View] menu.  Note that if you see a checkmark to the left of the panel name, that means it’s already open. (Figure 1)
    2. Or by right-clicking on your selected assets and choosing [Edit Properties] from the context menu. (Figure 2)
  • Click on the [Properties] panel tab to select it if it’s not already selected. (Figure 3)
  • Click on [Dependencies]. (Figure 4)
  • Click on [Clear Dependencies] found in the bottom right of the panel. (Figure 5)
  • Click [OK] in the Clear Dependencies confirmation box.



 Figure 1



 Figure 2



Figure 3

Figure4.pngFigure 4

Figure5.pngFigure 5 


What happens if you clear the dependencies on an asset by accident?

No worries as the CMS will automatically re-generate the dependencies as needed.  Which actually brings up an important point.   If you intend to clear dependencies that shouldn’t be created, then you need to ensure they don’t get re-generated.

How do I ensure undesired dependencies that I clear don’t come back?

This can be done by adding the necessary code to disable their generation.  Consult the Crownpeak Template API documentation for guidance in this area.     Keep in mind, it is often the case that dependencies are created programmatically using code, in which case, you will want to disable this code for any undesired dependency.


DXM Improvements

  1. Issue with Release Notes link on login page (OCD-17885)
  2. Clear Dependencies capability in Properties Panel (OCD-5764)


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