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DXM Release Notes - 22 January 2020

DXM Release Notes
Build 8582, 22 January 2020

DXM Improvements

  1. Branchid persists correctly when saving. (OCD-17512) (CN-114405)
  2. Target Group in the Targeting Panel switches related WCO Snippets to the appropriate variants in Preview. (OCD-17385)
  3. Dropdowns are generating previously saved items in Import SFTP. (OCD-17283)
  4. Template API documentation has been updated. (OCD-17073)
  5. Loading icon has been updated. (OCD-17036)
  6. Dropdown Container Control can be access within the Form View. (OCD-16196)
  7. Icons are displayed as expected after expanding ellipses in Asset Browser. (OCD-16176)
  8. Zip value persists when creating/editing a Targeting Group. (OCD-15314) (CN-98469)
  9. Boolean Logic in Workflow persists across platform versions. (OCD-13990) (CN-80958)
  10. Public option is selected by default when new Dashboard is created. (OCD-13096)
  11. Created new Panels no longer clones’ content. (OCD-12343) (CN-92284)
  12. DQM highlighting works as expected. (OCD-12143) (CN-80572)
  13. “Request a comment” has been added to Workflow commands. (OCD-11959) (CN-80362)
  14. Components render in Web View as expected. (OCD-9160)
  15. Upload, UI display is working as expected when model is selected from File. (OCD-17253)
  16. Encoded values using Util.PostHttp() API work as expected. (OCD-16792)
  17. Asset path is now displayed within the search results list. (OCD-16647)
  18. 404 is no longer displayed when utilizing DQM panel in Inline. (OCD-16427)
  19. Expiration dates for user’s are working as expected. (OCD-15311) (CN-97064)
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