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DXM Release Notes – 22 Feb 2023


DXM Release Notes – 22 Feb 2023

Version 3.72

This release includes tickets and improvements around Drag and Drop, MySQL migration and Notifications.

Notifications Added Under Reports 

We have added the Notifications section to the Reports menu. Notifications can now be viewed via the View More link in the Bell icon (errors) display or via the Reports menu. See fig. 1.


Fig. 1

DXM Improvements

  • New Publishing Removing Files on publish – Fixed an issue where files were being removed upon publishing. case: 78152
  • No validation error message displayed for invalid instance URL – Updated Smart Search configuration to include validation for Instance URL.
  • Last published report only shows 50 Records – Updated this report to now include the last 1000 assets. See fig. 2.



  • Open DataReader error – Corrected an issue leading to open data reader errors for many customers.
  • MySQL Full Site Publishing can cause very high CPU utilization – corrected an issue where full site publishing resulted in high CPU usage in MySQL.
  • Cloning the Import SMTP also clones the total number of Hits from the original – corrected an issue where number of hits were not being cleared on clone of Import SMTP.
  • When search string is short MySQL may not find it – Corrected an issue where queries under 4 characters were not returning data in MySQL
  • Drag and Drop Duplicate Content – Fixed an issue where drag and drop would sometimes create duplicate content. Case: 72471


Questions about this release?

If you have any questions about this release, ask in the comments below and someone from Crownpeak will respond.

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