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DXM Release Notes - 23 February 2022

23 February, 2022

This release introduces a new database infrastructure, asset search improvements, and other incremental improvements to the DXM platform.

Database Migration

As part of general infrastructure upgrades to the CMS system, we will be migrating from the current database system to a more manageable and scalable database. This migration allows us to take advantage of real-time backups, improved fail-over, scalability, and better management tools. There is no downtime required during the migration and there will be zero impact or changes to the end-user experience.

Migrations will begin in March and continue over the next six months. Customers will be contacted by their CSM representative before migrating.

Asset Search Improvements

Continuing from the last release, we’ve added asterisk wildcard searching. Wildcards take the place of one or more characters in a search term. By adding an asterisk in the search term, users can maximize their search results. Searches will match on the exact characters before or after the asterisk and any characters in place of the asterisk.

Export Publishing Servers

We've combined the Export SFTP and Export S3 publishing configuration pages into a single page called Export Publishing Servers. From the Export Publishing Servers page, users will be able to configure publishing servers for all of our supported server types. We'll be rolling out more configurable server types in upcoming releases.

DXM Improvements

  • Locked Assets Report: Improved the query performance for the Locked Assets Report API method to prevent timeouts causing the reported issue. (00082454, 00087765)


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