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DXM April 2017 Release Notes

April 2017

The April update introduces enhancements to the Digital Quality Management (DQM) Integration while using in-line editing in V3 along with the introduction of User Administration.

DQM Integration Added to V3

The DQM page check functionality has been added to V3. The current implementation works as described on the Digital Quality Management Best Practices page. This month, in addition to the DQM Panel, error highlighting has been added to V3.

Note: In order to use DQM in V3, you must have the Connector set up in Volte. 
To access your DQM instance from V3, simply click the DQM icon in the far-left navigation bar. (Figure 1)

DQM Icon on Navigation Bar
Figure 1 - DQM Icon on Navigation Bar

Since V3 is panel based, you need to add the DQM panel to your view in order to see the information. To add the DQM panel, select View -> Digital Quality Management (Figure 2)

DQM Panel
Figure 2 - DQM Panel 

Once the DQM panel has been added, it will display your data in the panel.  When you select a templated asset, the DQM data will automatically appear in the panel, provided the asset has a published state.  As in Volte, you can select to view different data in the panel (All, Accessibility, Brand, Legal, SEO and Usability) for the Preview or published states.  The chart and table will reflect your particular rules set up in DQM. (Figure 3)

DQM Panel Data
Figure 3- DQM Panel Data

While editing an asset using In Context Editing (ICE), the issues found by DQM will display in the edit window. Furthermore, visible issues will be highlighted with red boxes in the edit window. These highlights correspond to your specific DQM criteria. The following image highlights the errors for several criteria - a paragraph with more than 100 words, an image missing an alt tag and using the phrase "Read More" (Figure 4) 

Error Highlighting
Figure 4- Error Highlighting

This way you can easily see the errors which need to be fixed on your page.  

User Administration

User Administration is the ability to manipulate (add, edit, delete) users in V3. This makes it easy to work on one platform V3 and accomplish your tasks. 
To use the User Administration panel:
1.  Go to [Settings] [Configure] [Users] (Figure 5)
2. Select a user and right-click to Edit/Disable/Delete (Figure 6) 
3.  Select New to create a new user. Once the panel opens, simply fill in the user's information and Save. (Figure 7)

User Setting Panel
Figure 5 - User Setting Panel

User Select
Figure 6 - User Select

Edit User
Figure 7 - Edit User


Other Improvements

1.  FileView panel will not refresh on reopen (OCD-1327)
2.  ListPanelType.Move will not allow adding or removing panels (OCD-1739)
3.  Updates made to the DAM panel (OCD-1549)
4.  Updates made to remove Javascript errors in the editor (OCD-1843)
5.  Refresh will work on asset level (OCD-1540)
6.  A recently uploaded image will display upon entering a folder (OCD-1611)

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