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Crownpeak Employee

DXM Release Notes - 17 April 2024


Version 3.86

This release includes an exiting update to the look and feel of tabs in the UI as well as a number of bug fixes and many significant backend improvements.


Navigation Tabs Refresh – we have updated the look and feel of asset and dock-able tabs to a more contemporary, familiar style.

Old look

     old look navigation.png


New look navigation tabs

new look navigation.png

Bug Fixes

  • Email Address not shown in sender list – corrected an issue where the loaded email addresses were not displaying properly.
  • Email Sender issues – corrected an issue where the form address was not using the value provided.
  • Tab scrolls left when selected and in view – corrected an issue where when multiple tabs are open and there are tabs offscreen, if the user selects a tab the list of tabs will automatically scroll to the left (selected tab is moved to the left).
  • Multiple assets acting as if one – solved an issue where some assets were linked to one another.  
  • Version Compare is not rendering in Compare Versions Source of asset – fixed an issue where comparing the versions in the UI would not show the modified data regarding the addition and removal of asset for Source, Preview and Content.
  • Saving issue – Corrected an issue where if there is only one panel in the list it would fail to save data. Case: 29938
  • 500 Errors with Form Selector– Providing a solution whereby per-request app domains can be used for form rendering in cases involving complex custom code. Each render request can execute in its own process when the solution is enabled. Case: 127727
  • Unable to branch asset – Corrected an issue affecting branching in some circumstances. Case: 137063
  • Form Selector asset panels not getting populated after asset refresh - Corrected an issue where refresh would cause asset panels not to re-populate.
  • ShowFormSelector Opening All Fields and Not loading – Corrected an issue where form selectors were opening but not loading. Case: 136182
  • Unable to Edit Access rights – Corrected an issue where when attempting to edit the access rights where the system would time out and the changes would not go through. Case: 133405

Questions about this release?

If you have any questions about this release, ask in the comments below and someone from Crownpeak will respond.

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