Crownpeak Employee
Crownpeak Employee

DXM Release Notes - 15 May 2024

Version 3.87

This release includes an exciting improvement to DAM panel functionality in addition to a number of bug fixes and significant backend improvements.


  • We have made significant improvements to the loading of large numbers of wrapped image thumbnails in the DXM DAM panel, eliminating timeouts.

    DAM Panel1.pngDAM Panel 2.png


  • Email Address not shown in sender list – corrected an issue where the loaded email addresses were not displaying properly.
  • Unable to Hide Specific Folder - Corrected an issue where a folder could not be hidden Case:138984
  • Home Tab does not appear first after browser refresh – corrected an issue where the Home tab would move after browser refresh
  • Wysiwyg - FeatureType.FontStyle duplicates font style options – corrected an issue in the wysiwyg where font style options would duplicate
  • All input panels expanding by default(clicking or adding new) – corrected an issue where, with the load-all flag enabled, the panels are expanding automatically on load, without pressing the expand button.

Questions about this release?

If you have any questions about this release, ask in the comments below and someone from Crownpeak will respond.

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