Crownpeak Employee
Crownpeak Employee

DXM Release Notes - 17 May 2023

Version 3.75

This release contains 47 tickets including many tickets around MySQL migration.

DXM Improvements

  • Publishing pulling in wrong state – Corrected an issue where the wrong state was being pulled in under certain circumstances. Case: 82348
  • Asset in higher Loading Assets in Lower States – Corrected an issue where assets were loading those in lower states. Case: 80513
  • Issue when loading asset in Filename.aspx and url.aspx – Corrected an issue where publishing properties show the same assets in all cases despite the asset having a live version. Case: 79793
  • Folders not added to history when in Image Select Modal – Corrected an issue where recent folders were not appearing in Image Search modal. Case: 79465
  • UI Publishing audit blank for asset – Fixed an issue where the publishing audit would display no information for an asset Case: 79044
  • MySQL - SFTP Import - connect to remote SFTP server gives Errors – Corrected an issue where import tasks were failing.
  • Search for recently deleted assets – added the ability to find recently deleted assets when searching by ID.

Questions about this release?

If you have any questions about this release, ask in the comments below and someone from Crownpeak will respond.

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