Can we DQM as a validation action in workflow?

My question is similar to the discussion here:

Only difference is that; I want this implemented on our instance of Crownpeak.

So plain and simple, I want know if we can add a validator to the present workflow in our instance of Crownpeak as validation rules. If yes, then how is it done?

Request assistnace.

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Head of Support


This can be configured in the workflow once the DQM connector has been setup in Crownpeak.  There are two potential configurations.

Percentage of Errors - For this setting a percentage is set so if the errors exceed that percentage, it will not publish.

Priority Checkpoints - For this setting 

one is based on percentage of errors the other is to base it on priority checkpoints i.e. if any priority checkpoints have errors, it will not publish.

Implementing this would require some coordination with your users so they are aware.  I would recommend doing the first one with Crownpeak Support to ensure the connector is setup correctly and workflow options set.


Ken Snyder
VP, Customer Support & Cloud Operations

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Hi Ken,

Many thanks for the advice. I got the DQM connector added to our instance.

Now, shall I get back to cpsupport for setting up the  workflow options?

Then I would need to know how can we go on setting up the percentage of errors and set up the priority checkpoints.

Please advice.



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