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How to edit site footer -- New CP CMS Developer

I'm a new Crownpeak developer and am working with an existing site.

I've read about Component LIbrary and Templates, but it doesn't appear that the site is currently using those.  At least, those folders appear empty.  

Is there another convetion for defining a Folder site layout which other Folders (seem?) to inherit?


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Also, is there a method by which I could discover the answer to how the site is configured, so that I can research documentation?
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Looks like it might be in "_Configuration / _Navigation Configuration".  

I don't see the "Routing" methodolgy around this paradigm.  Just a RePublish in the workflow.

Is there a way to Stage changes in _Navigation Configuration?

-- Would the answer be to "Route web.config to Stage"?  

I'm a little confused how you can Route something to Stage if it's already published, and already routed to Live, as their is no explicit option in Workflow for that.  But under "Route" when I right-click on web.config, I can choose Stage.  But, does that un-route from Live?



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Editing the site footer is not standard it is custom for each site implementation.  You should create a support case and note the site and changes you are trying to apply so we can better assist you.  

Case Portal





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This answered my question. Thank you!