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DQM CMS Integrations

DQM API and Integration - Integration of DQM into the publishing process at Sitecore

Part 1: DQM must be the part of a Sitecore workflow
Workflows allow Sitecore users to add mandatory steps in the publishing procedure.
Every clean Sitecore installation should provide sample workflows. Create a sample workflow and add DQM as a validation action to the “approve” command. Connecting DQM to the approval will prevent the item or website to getting approved without a review of checkpoints.
The approved state is last state of the publishing workflow, which means that items that are not in the last state of the workflow will not be published by Sitecore.

Part 2: Set validation rules for pages and websites
After installing the Digital Quality Manager package, the new validator ‘Crownpeak DQM’ should be available inside Sitecore. This validator can be added to the workflow validation rules in the Validation rules section. It will be used to validate an item (usually a page) and hence prevent it from being published if it's quality is questionable.
You can find all validation rules at /sitecore/system/settings/validation rules
Setting validation rules is done on the per item (page) level. However, a more convenient way is to set rules in the standard values of an item template so each new item will have the appropriate validation rules set.

Please note that adding the DQM Connector as a mandatory step of publishing can restrict your editors from publishing in a case of urgent updates to the website.
Embedding such rules should be handled with care.

Example workflow with DQM as a step of publish
1. Validation Rules: The example page “DQM” has Crownpeak DQM set as a validation rule.1 DQM Sitecore Validation Rules.jpg

2. Workflow: The workflow set for this page is the DQM Approval workflow we created.2 DQM Sitecore Workflow.jpg

3. In order to publish the page we will need to approve it.3 DQM Sitecore Publishing.jpg

4. When approving a page before publishing, Sitecore requires the user to leave a comment.4 DQM Sitecore approval comment.jpg

5. The page has not passed the DQM validation, for that reason the page has not been published5 DQM Sitecore page not passing validation.jpg


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My question is similar to the question here: Integration of DQM into the publishing process. Only difference is that; I want this implemented on our instance of Crownpeak.

So plain and simple, I want know if we can add a validator to the present workflow in our instance of Crownpeak as validation rules. If yes, then how is it done? Request your guidance.

Thanks and Regards,


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