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Privacy Release 2 June 2020

Universal Consent Platform Release


In today’s release for Universal Consent Platform (UCP) we add new capabilities and expand current functionality in response to customer feedback. Thank you for helping us improve our products! 

New Tabs in the Options Dialogue

We are often asked about the possibility of adding more disclosure to UCP. To address this, we have added functionality to the Privacy Options Dialogue.

  1. When using our Data Subject or Do Not Sell tabs in the options dialogue, you can now link to a specific page or frame in your current form. Both of these options can be done at the template or individual notice level.
  2.  We have added a new “Cookie Policy” tab to the options dialogue. Many customers asked for the ability to link from our dialogue to their specific Cookie Policy pages, which can be done with this tab, at the template or individual notice level.

cookie policy.png


Updated DSAR Text

Today we are also updating the text an end user sees in the Data Subject emails that are sent after they fill out our DSAR form. The new text is clearer and gives more information on why they are receiving the emails and what they must do to complete the request.



The verification email reads:

"You are receiving this email because you recently submitted a data request to [company] on [domain]. Please complete your data request by clicking "confirm" below. If you did not make this request, you can ignore this message.”


WCAG Updates

To maintain WCAG compliance we have added some small accessibility updates.

On pages where our dialogue is closed and the AdChoices icon is used to re-open the dialogue, we have added alt-text to the image.

Also, any links within UCP that open new pages now have an icon next to them that indicates they will open a new page.

Bug Fixes

Finally, as part of this release we have done some behind the scenes work on our Privacy Dashboard and put some fixes in place that should increase the speed and reliability of the platform moving forward.


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