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DG Release Notes - 12 Dec 2019 - CCPA Updates

CCPA Support in Universal Consent Platform Part 2

Today we are releasing an update for the Universal Consent Platform that adds more functionality for CCPA compliance. This includes:

  • New Flows and banner text
  • New text and buttons as part of Privacy Options Dialogue V2
  • Implementation of Opt-Outs


New flows and banner text:

GDPR and UCP were originally built around prior consent (opt-ins), however CCPA is an opt-out law. The new text and flows reflect those differences (see images below).

GDPR:release 1.png

CCPA:release 2.png



  1. The Options button now says “Do Not Sell My Personal Information” 
    1. This link opens the privacy options dialogue v2.
  2. Removed the “Accept” and “Decline” buttons. 
    1. In CCPA the consumer is “opted-in” by default, so you don’t need them (“There is nothing to decline”).
  3. We slightly adjusted the text on the banner - we removed the link to the “Cookie Consent Tool” as it is not compliant under CCPA.


Updated text and flows to the Privacy Options Dialogue:

GDPR:release 3.png


CCPA:release 4.png



  1. Button changes
    1. Like the banner, the buttons were built for prior consent.  Because you are opted-in by default, there is no need to “Decline” or “Accept” all.  Here you can make a change and save your preference.
  2. Flow Changes:
    1. When submitted, the “Do Not Sell” form will trigger an opt-out for all vendors
    2. Clicking “I Understand” on the banner will drop a suppression cookie and keep the banner from showing for 12 months
    3. DNS trigger is accessible through the JS API



There are no implementation changes, the process is the same for GDPR and CCPA. You can find implementation instructions in the Crownpeak Community.


Other Changes

  • Fixed a bug in the Options Dialogue where the scroll bar would sometimes cover the close button.
  • Fixed a bug where if a customer chose their own link for DSAR form the DNS form would fail.
  • Fixed mobile styling by removing the “sticky” from the default theme.  This was causing foot issues for some mobile notices.
  • Fixed inconsistencies in consent flows.  There was an issue where suppression cookies were sometimes killed by our other cookies.


Upcoming Releases:

  • CCPA Categories
  • Accessibility Support
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