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DG Release Notes - 11 February 2020 Data Subject Enhancements.

DG Governance Release:  Data Subject Access Request (DSAR) UI Updates and Hot Fixes


Based on feedback from customers and our in support of our commitment to continue to support various laws, we have expanded and improved the Data Subject Access Request experience.


  1. Added export functionality – This enhancement allows you to select all or some of a dataset to be exported to csv.  This will make it easier to manage larger sets of requests. Exporting the data will put all data from the shown columns and details into the exported file.




  1. Added more filtering - Previously our screens always showed all data on the screen and it could be difficult to distinguish between different tasks, request types, and statuses.  To alleviate this, we broke the main data set into three sections Active Requests, Un-Verified Requests, and Completed requests.  Additionally, we added more sorting to the tables themselves.  You can now wild card search, filter by regulation, request type (this differs by regulation), and status.
  2. Lastly, we reorganized the main table display by adding in ‘Domain’ and ‘Regulation’ columns. The domain column helps customers with multiple domains know where the request originated from and the ‘regulation’ column makes it easier to see a task specific to a regulation.  We have also removed the requester name from the main data set, however it can still be found in the ‘details’ tab.



Bug Fixes:

  1. Fixed an issue where switching over to notice templates was removing vendors from notices.
  2. Fixed an API issue for customers calling our API and using notice templates where not all countries were being added to the template.
  3. Fixed an issue where California Consent was overridden by the US settings when applied in notice templates.
  4. Fixed an issue for Missing alt-text indicator within the _evh-button.
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