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DG Release - 21 November 2023


Release Notes - Version 24.25.0

We are thrilled to introduce the latest release, Version 24.25.0, which brings significant improvements and new features to our platform. Here are the key highlights:

New Features and Enhancements:

UCP (Universal Consent Platform):

Consent Action Reports Enhancement:

In UCP, Consent Action Reports now boast an extended date range capability, allowing users to track and analyze consent activities over a period of 1 month (31 days). This enhancement provides a more comprehensive and flexible approach to monitoring user consent interactions.

Consent Report 1.png

Improved Consent Data Storage: Addressed an issue related to consent data storage in cookies, ensuring seamless support for consent transfer between subdomains and parent domains. This enhancement streamlines the consent process and promotes a more cohesive user experience.

Category Consent Bug Fix: Resolved a bug associated with Category consent, specifically addressing scenarios where more than 50% of vendors are consented. This fix ensures accurate and reliable tracking of Vendor and Category consents.

Adnotice Improvements:

Adchoices Logo Display Fix: Addressed a minor bug affecting the display of the Adchoices logo. This issue occurred in specific scenarios involving ads with varying combinations of Iframe and Javascript implementations on the same page. The fix ensures consistent and proper visibility of the Adchoices logo.

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