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DG Release - 7 November 2023


    Release Notes - Version 24.24.0

    We are thrilled to introduce the latest release, Version 24.24.0, which brings significant improvements and new features to our platform. In this release, we've prioritized enhancing the Akamai integration and introducing components to streamline the process of content management. Here are the key highlights:

    New Features and Enhancements:

    AkamaiService API Integration

    We've created a brand-new AkamaiService API that simplifies the process of making Upload and Delete requests to Akamai. This API also incorporates a queuing system to efficiently manage purge requests, addressing potential purge limit issues.

    SQS Queue for AkamaiService Integration

    To ensure seamless communication between your application and the Akamai CDN, we've added a dedicated Simple Queue Service (SQS) queue. This queue serves as the primary channel for accepting requests from the AkamaiService API, ensuring reliability and efficiency.

    SQS Processor for Akamai Purging

    Introducing a specialized SQS processor that reads messages from the SQS queue and efficiently forwards them to Akamai for purging. This new component streamlines content purge operations, reducing manual effort and improving overall workflow efficiency.

    Error Logging with OpenSearch

    To bolster our monitoring and error tracking capabilities, we've integrated OpenSearch to log errors that occur within the AkamaiService API. This feature provides essential visibility into the API's performance, enabling swift issue identification and resolution.

    Bug Fixes and General Improvements:

    In addition to the feature enhancements, Version 24.24.0 also resolves an issue of missing translations for "Comments" label under Access Request in the UCP (Universal Consent Platform) application. This issue has been fixed, ensuring that the "Comments" label translations are now displayed correctly, improving the user experience.

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