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Consent Reports for Deleted Domains in UCP

If a domain that is set up with a UCP 3.0 notice is deleted from the UI, currently, the consent reports are still available to pull down from the time range that it had a notice active. 

Consent Reports in the Evidon Privacy Application can be pulled by logging into the UI, clicking on Dashboard, and then selecting the "Consent Reports" tab.

Consent Report tab in Privacy

The user is then able to:
1.  Choose a date range for the report by placing a date in the Start and End fields.
2.  Choose a location by Region or Country for the data needed on the report
3.  Choose a domain to retrieve data on

Then by clicking on Run Report, the data is retrieved and generated into a downloadable report.  You can open it in a program like Excel (delimiting the info by commas if needed)

We have run a test in which we deleted an older domain from UCP.  We then went in to Consent Reports and were still able to retrieve consent data from the previous week for the deleted notice.  The report may come up blank - header titles only, with no data, if there are no actions to report, or if the notice was deleted from the UI during the time range that you chose to report.

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